Active Stacks Protein Powder - Chocolate 2lb

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Build lean muscle - Taste only the delicious chocolate-milk-like flavor.

Enjoy the smooth texture - no chalkiness or grit!

It takes quality protein -complete with BCAAs- to add muscle mass and beef protein is a great source. Active Stacks beef protein powder has all the building blocks your body needs to renew existing muscle and create new lean muscle.

Renew your skin, joints and connective tissue

Stay supple, youthful and vibrant with the naturally occurring collagen peptides you'll get from Active Stacks.

Dairy-free, gluten-free, junk-free

Just beef protein, glycine, rich cocoa and stevia extract. No whey or other hard-to-digest or artificial ingredients like you'll find in some other protein powders. That means no gas, no bloating.

Satisfy your hunger

Stave off hunger pangs and stay fully energized with 22 grams of protein per serving and a delicious, bold chocolate flavor from premium cocoa. Since we've used stevia for sweetness you can mix a scoop with your favorite milk alternative and enjoy a rich chocolate-milk-like experience.

Nourish and recover

We've included a little extra glycine in our protein to help give that extra bit of support for your skin, joints and gut.

Stay on track

Easily meet your macros for whatever diet or meal plan you're on. Since it's ultra-low-carb Active Stacks protein is 100% paleo and keto diet compatible.

How to Use:

Add 1 scoop of protein powder to 8 to 10 ounces of your favorite milk and shake thoroughly in a protein blender bottle. You can also mix using a handheld electric whisk or by adding the protein powder to your shake/smoothie in the blender (mixes best while blender is running if possible with your blender).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We stand by the quality of our protein powder so if you find yourself unsatisfied just contact us within 30 days and we'll provide you with a full refund.

Ingredients: HydroBEEF™ (hydrolyzed beef protein isolate), cocoa (processed with alkali), glycine, stevia leaf extract (Reb A).


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